Incorporating is one of the best ways to limit personal liability on your new business venture and often required to do business with some customers. If you need to get incorporated quickly and don’t want to deal with complex registry forms or a high priced lawyer just yet, we have you covered. Our detailed standard articles of incorporation have been developed in coordination with provincial regulations. By incorporating through us your articles are likely to be set up in a manner that will easily tie into our financial setup eliminating more document submissions by you.

Financial Department Evaluation:

Is your finance department still accepting mailed cheques, printing and paper filing invoices, bills, copies of journal entries, etc?

Allow Infinite Bookkeeping to introduce you to efficient and innovative ways of running your business. You can save countless hours by automating your systems and processing. Giving you back your time to focus on your business rather than overseeing your employees to ensure things don’t fall through the cracks.

Financial Department Evaluation

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